Loren Intolubbe-Chmil

Executive Director of JWU Global

Loren oversees the three areas of JWU Global; ISSO, Study Abroad and The BRIDGE and is a strong advocate for the work of the department as a whole. Loren is the parent of four children, the spouse of a small business owner, and has been an educator and activist for almost 30 years. She has worked in a variety of educational environments - from preschool to graduate school - and is deeply committed to culturally responsive, transformative teaching and learning. She thrives on making and sustaining connections with people and places, everywhere she goes. Loren is so grateful to be a part of the dynamic global and international education community at JWU. She is especially fortunate to be able to work with the diverse members of the JWU community every single day.

Marybeth Berrio

JWU Global Coordinator

Marybeth works with the incoming  J1 Exchange Visitor students and supports the Leadership Team of JWU Global. She has been with Johnson & Wales since 2011 and gets the most satisfaction from helping others, students and coworkers alike. She especially loves working with and learning from the Exchange Visitor students who come here from all over the world. A native Rhode Islander, she loves the sense of community, pride and compassion at JWU. She has gone through Green Dot bystander intervention training as well as suicide prevention training, in order to be a more active and aware participant in the community.

Michael Waugh

Director of the BRIDGE Center

Mike has lived, studied, and worked in many different areas of the United States and around the world. He loves learning new things that challenge his perspectives and he is passionate about facilitating communication between people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact. His advice? "At JWU, you can meet students from all around the world, take advantage of opportunities to study and work all around the world, and participate in programs to engage with different cultures every day."


Firoj Gurung

BRIDGE Center Coordinator

Firoj oversees multicultural programming and the BRIDGE Center student staff. Firoj is a graduate of the MBA program here at JWU who previously worked as the BRIDGE Center programming and engagement student assistant.  Firoj is also the president of the JWU Namaste Nepal student organization and treasurer of the Graduate Student Association. 

Wesley Roy

Director of International Student Services

Wes is responsible for Compliance with F1 and J1 international student immigration regulations, and ongoing support programming and services for international students. Wes enjoys spending time with his family exploring all the interesting things in southern New England. He is also an avid outdoorsman and tries to get outside as much as possible to enjoy the environment of our region. Wes appreciates the contributions of our international student population here at JWU. They add a rich perspective to classroom discussions, student life, and inclusive community.

Emily Canfil

International Student Advisor

Emily is responsible for advising F1 students. Originally from Cleveland, Emily earned her BA in Languages at Miami University of Ohio. Before graduating with her Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Paris – Marne la Vallee, she spent several years living in France, Italy and Serbia. Emily has spent the last several years working in international higher education, both in student services and in admissions roles. She loves getting to meet and work with all of her international students.   

Joanne Yen Gilbert

Assistant Director of International Student Services

Joanne is responsible for advising F1 student, in addition to her duties as Assistant Director. Joanne earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at JWU. She speaks three different languages: English, Mandarin and Malay. Being an international student herself in the past, Joanne helps students understand immigration policies and how to adapt to the US culture, the University and the larger Providence community. Joanne enjoys seeing her students grow and successfully graduate from JWU.

Shawn Riendeau

International Student Advisor

Shawn is responsible for advising F1 students. Growing up in Rhode Island, he decided to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Lodging Management at Johnson & Wales University. From here, he helped organize two study abroad programs, one to the International College of Management in Sydney, Australia and the other to the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a Student Assistant at the university’s BRIDGE Center, he was further inspired to become an International Student Advisor. Shawn admires JWU’s commitment to providing development opportunities to the entire JWU community. He truly believes in the “Wildcat Way”: Pride, Courage, Character & Community.

Lisa McAdam Donegan

Director of Study Abroad

Lisa oversees Study Abroad office and portfolio of programs. Lisa has worked in international education for 21 years. She has lived abroad in France and Germany and travelled to many countries throughout the world. Lisa loves the study abroad students’ experiences.

Elizabeth Allsworth

Assistant Director of Study Abroad

Elizabeth is responsible for Study Abroad program development, logistical planning in coordination with partners, and coordination of office policies around application processing. Elizabeth is most satisfied when she has a plane ticket with her name on it to go somewhere, anywhere, and a Snickers bar. She is energized by the process of going and most satisfied by witnessing how other people organize and interact with their worlds. She has lived in England and France, has worked with refugees in Western Montana, and most recently lived in Japan for two years. For over a decade, Elizabeth has been committed to building the JWU Study Abroad office and enjoys supporting JWU students in their choices to study abroad.

Amy Ewen

Program Coordinator

Amy manages faculty-led Study Abroad programs. After living, studying and travelling up and down the east coast and in Europe and South America, Amy has settled back in her hometown of Providence. She loves being outside, taking photos, and learning new skills. She speaks some German and fluent Spanish. When she was a child, her dream job was to be a stunt driver. Amy’s favorite thing about International Education at JWU is that students can study abroad early and often, and they can take classes that directly align with their major and career plans.

Sarah Croft

Study Abroad Advisor 

Sarah focuses on outgoing study abroad and exchange student advising, marketing and recruitment. She attended university in Italy and Greece before obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Australia's University of Sunshine Coast and a Master of Science in Human Development from the University of Rhode Island. She’s worked at RISD, Brown, and Stanford, and her personal foundations include an affinity for Jack Kerouac novels, painting ocean scenes, and playing her ukulele. Sarah’s favorite element of JWU international education is the dynamic portfolio. JWU Study Abroad destinations are unique and progressive, and truly provide a magnitude of opportunities for students!

Stephanie Pleasants

Study Abroad Advisor

Stephanie is responsible for outgoing study abroad and exchange student advising. As an undergrad, she majored in French and Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and studied abroad in Càceres, Spain. She obtained her Master’s in Political Science with a concentration in Trans-Atlantic Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through which she studied abroad again in Prague, Czech Republic and Paris, France. She has taught English in three countries and enjoys traveling anywhere, learning more languages, preparing southern-style foods, and anything Star Wars. Stephanie likes that JWU’S international programs continue to grow and reflect the university’s evolving identity and desire for international opportunities for all students.