User Manual

ITR training is available for individuals and departments which regularly sponsor international student travel.

Download the User Manual: 

Sign Up for Training

ITR Trainings for users and proxy users will be held monthly, before and after launch of the new International Travel Risk Management Policy.

Thu, Oct 6, 1-2:30m  

Mon, Nov 7, 1-2:30pm

About TraIning

Participants can attend in person for a collaborative question/answer process, or via WebEx from their own office. After each training, a half hour has been added to allow for user log in and practice. Training review and follow-up will also be available as needed. 

Register Someone Else's Travel by Proxy

A support staff person can complete the ITR on behalf of a traveler using this Register Travel by Proxy option:

Who Must use the ITR?

You must register your travel if you are a JWU student or employee who is:

  • Traveling outside the US on a university-sponsored program
  • Supervising a university-sponsored program that includes JWU student travel outside the US
  • On JWU administrative business (conference travel, site visits, delegations)
  • On any other experience abroad supported by JWU in name or funding



Faculty and students on study abroad programs out of JWU Study Abroad need not register in the ITR, as their registration will happen automatically through the Study Abroad application process.

About the ITR 

The ITR is hosted on the Study Abroad website, but is designed for use by all faculty, staff and students, regardless of their university affiliation.