JWU Global Community Statement

Welcome to JWU Global. With its goal of promoting global and community citizenship, JWU Global provides tools and opportunities for personal, academic, and professional development through international and intercultural engagement.

Whether you are a current or prospective student, the parent of a student, a faculty or staff member, or a current or prospective international partner, you’ll find information in these pages on JWU’s unique opportunities in global education.


Programming on 2 Campuses

Located on the Providence campus, JWU Global comprises:

International Student Services

Study Abroad

Advising are also offered on the Charlotte campuses.


University Internationalization

Beyond these services, JWU Global also plays a central role in university internationalization.

In line with JWU’s Guiding Principles to “Embrace diversity for a richly inclusive community” and “Model ethical behavior and local, national, and global citizenship,” JWU Global sets and oversees strategic goals ensuring that JWU continues to grow in global focus, supporting and mentoring students who think and act with awareness of the world around them.


Foundational Principles

Using best practices in the field, promote the value of international education by fostering an understanding and appreciation of other cultures throughout Johnson & Wales University’s campuses and surrounding communities.

Provide international and multicultural student and study abroad services and programs that offer effective assistance, guidance and advice, and that advance relevant and intentional global and intercultural learning outcomes.

Facilitate the successful integration of incoming and outgoing students into the culture, community, and learning environment of their international destinations.

Create and support a diverse and inclusive university community in which individual members; international and intercultural knowledge and experiences are valued and shared.

Work collaboratively with other university units, and with institutional collaborators, to develop, evaluate, and improve programs that will enhance students’ global competencies and add international and intercultural perspectives within individual fields of study.